The PimMonster Invasion of Creative Creatures Has Begun

The PimMonster Invasion of Creative Creatures Has Begun

The PimMonsters are here, and they are starting to sweep the nation. For residents of South Florida, the PimMonster invasion has already begun. Locals have seen them on socksshirts, bags, posters, and even art galleries. From eye-covered pineapples to talking butts in classy hats, these friendly monsters make people smile and encourage people to look at the world in a different way. I want to tell you a little bit more about my creations and why you should get some PimMonster gear for yourself. 

PimMonsters are born from my imagination and are usually something I see while going about my day. I’ve always wanted to share my unique point of view with others, and my friendly monsters gave me a way to do it. PimMonsters made their debut as an art project, and everything else blossomed from there. 

PimMonsters got their start in 2012 while I was in college. Every night I would doodle a monster before I went to bed. Some of these came from my dreams at night, and I would draw them upon waking up. Eventually, I had doodled over 100 friendly monsters. I never thought I would come up with so many! 

Four years ago, I realized I wanted to start my own business so others could enjoy the creatures I had created. When I decided to add my PimMonsters to merchandise such as clothing, bags, and more, I knew I would have to work hard at creating a high-quality product. When you buy an item from the PimMonster store, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product that will last. I researched different kinds of yarn and fabric, and I spent a lot of time carefully looking at each step of the manufacturing process.

The PimMonster store has something for everyone. Part of the appeal of PimMonsters is that anyone can find a PimMonster that suits them. It could be because you think the creature is cute and funny, or it offers an interesting take on the world around you. We sell different items for various age groups. We have dress socks, mugs, and phone cases that appeal to adults. And for younger demographics, there are tote bags, t-shirts, beach towelsbackpacks, and more. PimMonster items make great gifts for young and old alike.

Visit the PimMonster store to search for unique items that reflect your personality or that you know your loved ones would enjoy. We have something for everyone, and more items are being added all the time. Send us a message at if you have any questions about ordering PimMonster products.

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