PimMonster Origins - How Four PimMonster Favorites Came to Be

PimMonster Origins - How Four PimMonster Favorites Came to Be

All art tells a story, but sometimes it requires a little explanation. Many people are drawn to PimMonster designs because they are simple, fun, and unique. Every PimMonster is the product of thoughts that cross my mind, whether it’s funny situations I have witnessed, dreams or ideas. Knowing the backstory of PimMonsters may make you like them just a little bit more. Here are the origin stories for four PimMonster favorites.

The Ladies' Night
The Ladies Night design is one of the most popular in the PimMonster collection. This funny and distinct artwork is inspired by when women get together. Part of the fun of getting together is to gossip about other people. Ladies Night is my take on a visual representation of gossiping. We have on cute clothes, we're at a great location and gossiping. I wouldn't have it any other way. I think that reason this PimMonster design is so popular is that everyone can see themselves in it. We all like to trash talk with our friends now and then.

My Turn
The inspiration for the My Turn design in the PimMonster collection should be clear to anyone who has seen a dog around a baby or toddler. Until they learn how to interact with a dog appropriately, young children can be little terrors to a pet. They pull on the dog's tail, yank on the pet's leash, or try to ride the pooch like a pony.  The My Turn PimMonster is my take on how it would be if the roles were flipped. This PimMonster is an excellent gift for friends that love pop art.




Eyes on the Prize 
One of the things I enjoy doing is watching people in public. You can learn a lot about society by seeing how people behave and interact in public. Through my many years of people watching, I have learned that there is a universal fascination with rumps. That revelation was the inspiration behind Eyes on the Prize. If you notice where everyone is looking, it’s clear we live in a society that values big butts. This PimMonster explores the obsession with butts when people watching.

The Glance
When you have an active imagination, it doesn’t take much to spark inspiration. One of my most popular designs, The Glance has straightforward origins. The idea for The Glance comes from a shopping trip at my local Publix. I saw a pineapple, maybe it was the lighting, perhaps it was too hot outside, but for whatever reason it looked like the pineapple was surrounded by eyes and looking at me. That simple encounter led to me painting The Glance, which has since become one of my most popular designs. It's on shirts, posters, canvases, and more.


There's a funny story or idea behind every PimMonster design you see. Some of them are simple, like how the Frow is just a frog and a cow combined. However, some PimMonsters have more extensive backstories. Part of the fun is finding your own meaning in my crazy designs. Be sure to check our site often, so you never miss a new PimMonster creation.


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